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Communicate Your Joy Portfolio of Clients

Here’s some of the projects I’ve enjoyed working on over the past few years through Communicate Your Joy.

Featured Project

Centered living

Rebecca Shisler Marshall is a psychologist, yoga instructor, speech pathologist, Reiki instructor, and life coach at Centered Living. She’s a busy lady! I’ve loved helping her market her podcast Whole Body Upgrade, as well as learning ways to upgrade my own health and well-being. She’s a great friend and I have loved watching her grow! 

Centered Living | Communicate Your Joy clients


Fuzzbuckets GR | Communicate Your Joy

Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO optimization

Fuzzbuckets GR

Just a Social Worker | Communicate Your Joy

website development, marketing strategy, seo optimization

Just A Social Worker


Port 393

Soulcare Santuaries | Communicate Your Joy

email marketing, marketing strategy, seo optimization

soulcare sanctuaries

website development, email marketing

Furrin Group

Kundalini Yoga GR | Communicate Your Joy

website development, marketing strategy, seo optimization

Kundalini Yoga GR

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